Apart from the complexity of foreign trade, customs and exchange legislation, it is also constantly subject to change; and this makes it compulsory to establish a link between the relevant legislation and general provisions in the solution of legal problems arising from the implementation of the said legislation. These legal services provide a kind of assurance in terms of the companies we serve, and even guarantee that the incident does not reach the level of accusation of trafficking.

With the contribution of our solution partner; customary and foreign trade law are archived so that preliminary work on possible conflicts is being made at our service. The consensus, administrative objection, etc. concerning the disputes arising from the application of the customs and foreign trade legislation between the companies we serve with the customs administrations are followed carefully in the computer and especially warnings are given to the firms we serve for administrative objections and administrative litigation time and procedures.

The resulting legal disputes are archived after being controlled and tracked from a single center on company basis, and information is provided to the firm and the customs authorities from the beginning to the end of the dispute. In addition, we provide infrastructure and enable companies that we serve to control the entire legal process of disputes.

We are the solution partner on customs, foreign trade, foreign exchange and smuggling law; specialist jurist related with this is Retired Customs and Trade Chief Inspector Att. Ergun YAVAS.