Kurumsal Etik ve Davranış İlkelerimiz


To comply with the principles of integrity, honesty, justice and generally accepted ethics in commercial activities are the primary ethical values ​​of Özen Customs.

Özen Gümrük has adopted the following values ​​since its establishment.

  • Comply with national laws Commitment to the rule of law Not engaging in any directly or indirectly in an illegal payment

  • Any object or benefit gift that is directly or indirectly considered to be of economic value or that is likely to affect or influence the impartiality, performance, decision or performance of the public employee is prohibited;

  • Its employees know that the act of bribery is a crime and and that the person and his family members are also part of the society and that they should refrain from and refuse any bribery within the framework of individual and social responsibility

  • Never give or accept gifts that do nt have material value and non-continuity

  • The hospitality services can be provided only for business purposes

  •  The fact that righteousness and honesty are above personal interests
    Avoid from situations where company interests and personal interest

  • Avoid from situations where company interests and personal interest conflict with another The basic principle of not engaging in interest and conflict of interest

  • Not to employ anyone without consent and never employ any child labor
    Unfair advantage and non-use of official or confidential documents obtained during the service


  • To comply with the rules of courtesy and respect in relation to public officials and customers, to know the rights and duties,
    While performing its duties, remembering the facts committed in the ethical contracts it accepts, acting on the basis of values ​​of justice, impartiality, honesty, responsibility, transparency and professionalism,
    Never evading tax and never engage in unfair competition,
    Never misguide the government in the financial reports,
    Do not damage the environment during business activities, try to give the least damage in the obligatory situations,
    To protect the rights of the partners and to be honest with them,
    Not to make concessions in the sale of services,
    Customer satisfaction from the sale of services and satisfaction of the needs of the purpose,
    Do not sell fraudulent and defective services, take back in case of sale,
    Not to make contradictory promises in the sale and advertising of goods and services
    To support the principles laid down in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights

OZEN CUSTOMS considers updating the principles it has explained in accordance with the living conditions developed over time as an inevitable condition to continue its activities as a part of contemporary society.

Ozen Customs considers a good working environment as;

  • Based on mutual love, respect and trust
    Fair, impartial and free of discrimination in recruitment, salary and promotion processes
    To act in accordance with human dignity and personal rights against employees,
  • To give employees full personal rights promised and all legal rights,
  • Suitable for transparency principle
  • Safe, healthy, production-promoting
  • Preventing the use of alcohol and excitable substances
  • Respecting personal differences and private life
  • Allowing staff to improve themselves
    It knows that the involvement of staff in the decision-making process depends on the conditions of being a provider.