Guarantee Solutıons

According to the customs legislation, the payment of the taxes and duties belonging to the imported goods within the scope of exemption is taken as a guarantee. Our Guarantee Department provides services for the settlement of customs duties and other financial burdens attached to the accrued liability for these transactions of goods subject to customs regimes in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Following the fulfillment of the obligations of imports of goods subject to customs exemption, we will follow up and submit to the relevant institutions on behalf of our customers and finalize the transactions and deliver them to our customers.

Our Guarantee Department also facilitates the use of the Partial Margin System, which provides economic advantage to the company by applying discount tariffs, which must be given to customs in the Regulations of Inward Processing, Customs Warehouse, Temporary Import and Customs Control, which are various benefits of the IMS and Approved Person Status Statement. We assist our customers in changing the type of collateral that the goods exempted according to customs legislation to another type of guarantee (Cash-Letter, Letter-Cash, Letter-Letter, Cash-Cash).