The main standardization procedures are as follows:

  • TSE Conformity Assessment Procedures: In all the importation directorates of the Turkish Standards Institute, a qualified and experienced professional evaluation process is carried out in the fastest and most effective manner.
  • TAREX Applications: All the processes of Tarex conformity assessments made by the TSE and the Ministry of Economy are carried out by our expert personnel.
  • Measures and Settings Transactions: These services are provided by experienced and expert teams for the measurement operations carried out within the scope of Science Provincial Directorates of Technology.
  • Warranty Document Transactions: Consultancy services are provided for the creation of the necessary service networks and documentation for your after-sales service qualification and guarantee documents approved by the Ministry of Customs and Trade.
  • Warranty Exemption Procedures: Warranty exemption permits for importing companies’ warranty documents are followed up by our expert staff in the Provincial Directorates of Customs and Trade and concluded in the fastest manner.